Do you need a digital boost?
Try our tasty MarTech blend.

Do you need a digital boost? Try our tasty MarTech blend.

About us

Tech53 is a small giant in the digital marketing space representing cutting edge solutions. Since 2002 our team is supporting marketers, media agencies, publishers and ad networks to achieve their goals and hit their KPI’s. The marketing solutions and services that we offer span across the full spectrum, from marketing execution to marketing intelligence. Our office is located in Sugar city, a unique and inspiring location near Amsterdam.

Invention of the web banner ad, then known as HotWired, invents the web banner ad. Go ahead, blame them.

Introduction of ad-server technology

The first ad-server is introduced.
Google was still three years away from being in the public eye.

Ad-server evolves to Campaign Management Platform

Sizmek, formed in 2001, transforms from a rich media provider to an independent Campaign management platform for agencies and advertisers.

Introduction of unified Marketing intelligence platform

Datorama develops the first end-to-end marketing intelligence platform specifically for marketing and sales data.

Bots start to help marketers analyzing their data

Datorama introduces machine learning bots to its platform empowering marketers to discover more data points and insights like never seen before.

Machine learning becomes increasingly important in media execution

Sizmek reinvents itself to become the largest independent AI data-driven ad-tech suite. The platform includes best in class DSP, DMP, Ad-server, Verification tools and dynamic creative solutions.

Our platforms

Our platforms and products offer cloud-based end-to-end solutions for digital marketing. As complexity in media execution and marketing data continues to increase, so does the need for matching technology.




Sizmek is the largest independent AI-driven buy-side advertising platform that can identify robust insights within data across the five key dimensions of predictive marketing-campaigns, consumers, context, dynamic creative, and cost.

Sizmek’s powerful ad-tech stack, which exists of a DSP, DMP, Verification tools, Rich media suite and an Ad-server, brings all the elements together in one place to gain better understanding and to drive more value across the entire customer journey.

We believe in transparency so you know how your media performs, works, and costs, while giving you more control over your campaigns. Request a demo



Datorama is the leading global marketing intelligence company and platform.

One Platform for all your marketing data, investments, KPIs, and decisions. Datorama’s AI-powered marketing intelligence puts you in control to connect your data, report across channels and campaigns.

Datorama’s technology powers the world’s leading brands, agencies, publishers and platforms by embracing challenge and pushing the innovation boundary.

We believe in transparency so you know how your media performs, works, and costs, while giving you more control over your campaigns. Request a demo



SmartAds for Digital Out Of Home Advertising

TECH53 developed a creative management platform that connects to Digital out of home ad-servers to deliver engaging hyperlocal relevant SmartAds. SmartAds empowers brands to increase awareness and engagement with their audience.

Advertisers can now easily integrate their data in real-time to optimize their content across their out of home campaigns. Want to let your audience literally connect to your brand? SmartAds connect with mobile phones and social media in a revolutionary way to achieve maximum engagement.

Our service includes production, development and support for the dynamic content of out of home digital campaigns. Contact us for more info!


Tech53's service is second to none, and we have our amazing team to thank for that. As a technology company at heart, we are proud to welcome you into our world.


Design + development

Our team of front-end developers can help you build any type of high impact ad format, from dynamic (DCO) creatives to tailor-made dashboard widgets and pages.

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Client Services

A key component in the search for the right solution for your business is to identify a partner that is capable of bringing experience to the table and best in class service. As a company that has been active in the digital marketing space for over 15 years, we understand what challenges you are facing.

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Our futuristic office

Our unique office space is located in SugarCity between Amsterdam and Haarlem. You can reach us by car or by train.

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We are working for global brands, media agencies and publishers


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