With Sizmek’s newly expanded viewability capabilities, you can monitor your multichannel campaigns across display, mobile, and video. Video Viewability provides all the benefits of Sizmek’s viewability and reporting, with special video-only metrics that provide vital insights into your campaigns.

Sizmek Video Viewability offers completely customizable thresholds for viewable surface area and duration at both the advertiser and agency level. Plus, Video Viewability offers you the chance to discover which ads users viewed the longest with sophisticated metrics such as viewability by quartile. Did the viewer watch 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of your ad? With Video Viewability, you’ll know, and can make future decisions based upon this knowledge.

What sets us apart:

Freedom of choice + end-to-end possibilities = exponential performance.


Freedom of choice: unlike many of our competitors, Sizmek offers completely customizable thresholds, for both viewable surface area and viewable duration, and at both the advertiser and agency level. (IAB default for in-stream is 50% for 2 seconds)

End-to-end possibilities: gain true insights by overlaying multi-channel viewability data on top of everything else available in the centralized hub of Sizmek MDX, including verification, attribution, and audience measurement.

Exponential performance: a flexible model, implemented in the same platform where you collect cost data, conversions, and everything else under the sun––all with no separate tagging, no discrepancies, and no extra turnaround time.


  • customizable thresholds
  • single checkbox setup, baked in to ad serving tag and verification dashboard
  • advanced metrics like viewable duration (custom thresholds) and viewable rates by quartile (IAB thresholds)

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