Programmatic buying used to be something that was mostly limited to standard bannering. For rich media expandables you had to make a deal with the publisher or there was very limited inventory available for these formats. Besides the limited inventory it was also unsure if the ad was actually delivered and expanding on the page.

These are some of the challenges that Sizmek Vantage had to overcome to make expandables available via RTB to the masses.
Vantage is Sizmek’s global programmatic buying division. It develops strategy and executes complex programmatic campaigns across display, video, mobile, and social, to drive return on investment for its clients.


Our global Publisher Certification team made a selection of the largest and best quality publisher networks in the industry. This means that we ensure that our formats will work flawlessly on every channel, browser and screen. The only thing you have to do is hand us your expandable creative and we will set it up from there, including the trafficking- bidding only on impressions where your expandables will render properly.

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