Run high impact, non-intrusive, rich media ad formats programmatically. We support all Demand side platform (DSP) like The Trade Desk, Appnexus, MediaMath, Google bid manager, Turn, etc.

We offer cross device (mobile, tablets and desktop) adaptable ad formats including Skins (automated page take over), Billboards, Video ads and more.

Send us your publisher wish-list and we will make sure you can run your Rich Media ad formats programmatically within 24 hours. We already certified hundreds of websites. Take advantage of both our rich media experience and programmatic expertise. Contact us to learn more.


Evolution of homepage take over


One of the most premium offerings for online publishers has been for years homepage takeover ads. Where an advertiser gets the chance to dominate a homepage. Until now, arranging such a deal has required a lot of communication between sales teams and back-office. Advertisers started endorse programmatic buying because it makes it easier to target audiences and can make the process of ad buying easier and less costly.

For publishers selling such premium ads through automated ad buying systems offers new opportunities. It also doesn’t have to mean that inventory needs to be cheaper. There are many ways to protect pricing on exchanges.

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