There are certain core capabilities a digital marketer needs to create, deliver, measure and optimize multi- screen campaigns. Consolidate these core functions within Sizmek MDX (formerly mediamind) and you can focus more on strategy and less on technology. TECH53 partnered with Sizmek to deliver the leading ad serving platform in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg (Benelux) and Israel.



Beyond the core: open to all

Sizmek has active integrations with over 60 technology companies. We partner with everyone from DSPs to web analytics companies to brand survey providers to audience measurement companies.


Best-in-breed Campaign Management

Sizmek MDX is easy to learn and flexible for almost any workflow. Users can manipulate ads, bulk-change ad assignments and manage ad serving business logic all in one system. API connections to popular media buying systems ensure accurate data transfer and eliminate data re-entry. Excel tools give traffickers another familiar toolset for managing campaigns.


Dynamic Creative

Sizmek MDX provides sophisticated controls over every factor in your dynamic creative strategy, from authoring to targeting to trafficking to reporting. All this capability happens within our familiar family of tools. Sizmek Dynamic Creative users can manage simple changes on-the-fly or plan out full-funnel e-commerce campaigns with complex business rules and advanced conversion data collection.


Tag management

When managing touch-points on the path to conversion becomes mired in confusion and webmaster meetings, a Tag Management System frequently helps. Sizmek’s VersaTag is easily deployed, backwards compatible and infinitely configurable.


Verificiation suite

Sizmek goes beyond just delivering ads. Our MRC accredited Verification Suite provides brand safety monitoring, view-ability reporting and ad-blocking capabilities with no extra trafficking or setup.



In today’s world of connected screens it is vital that campaigns execute across all devices with as little effort as possible. Sizmek’s MDX platform has targeting and optimization options to deliver and measure ads regardless of screen or device.


Channel Connect for SEM

Channel Connect SEM allows agencies and advertisers to sync Sizmek directly with a variety
of SEM tools to provide enhanced cross-channel analytics while eliminating discrepancies and reducing set-up effort. DoubleClick does not allow data to extend beyond its own toolset, reducing the choice of SEM partners to only DoubleClick search and an adserving choice of DFA.


Comprehensive Creative Toolset

There is no need to compromise your creative with Sizmek. Build quickly using HTML5 Factory, Adappter for Video or our format templates. Build for maximum impact using our Workshop for Flash, feature blocks or custom formats. Sizmek provides a full continuum of tools for every rich experience.


Social Rich Media

Sizmek is the premier technology partner to manage, deliver, and track your advertising on the social platforms where your audiences live. Advertisers can create rich social experiences to place in the Facebook News Feed using SocialFire and then manage and track the activity of those ads in Sizmek MDX. DoubleClick is not an official partner of Facebook because of competitive concerns.


Local market service and support

It takes equal parts scale and reach to support campaigns around the world. Technology partners have to be big enough to have a global infrastructure but willing to have people on the ground in all markets and not try to manage from regional call centers. Sizmek has 60 local offices to serve the unique needs of our sophisticated client base.