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Advertising made easy and effective…on your terms.

If you’re baking bread with six different ingredients, do you go to six different stores to buy them? Neither do we. Similarly, no one should have to navigate 15 different vendors and disparate systems to make an effective ad campaign. Consolidation makes things easier. But you need to be able to choose the ingredients that make the best campaign for you – not be pressured to use what’s best for your vendor. It’s your “bread,” after all.

Sizmek brings freedom of choice to end-to-end advertising. We combine the best technology, intelligence, and services that you deem most important to create inspiring, omnichannel advertising, drive exponential performance, and cultivate deeper relationships with customers around the world. That’s open ad management. That’s the Sizmek effect.



All your data, working together, giving you the exact insights you need to make your next marketing move – fast.

Datorama brings a new approach to marketing analytics: The Marketer’s Data Hub. Now you can have a clear view of, and control over, all of your marketing activities and media channels’ performance. Make your next move quickly and with confidence: Our end-to-end marketing intelligence platform integrates, standardizes and visualizes all of your campaigns and activities so you can easily analyze and refine them within minutes. Learn more.



homepage take over - programmatic

Run high impact, non-intrusive, rich media ad formats programmatically. We support all Demand side platform (DSP) like The Trade Desk, Appnexus, MediaMath, Google bid manager, Turn, etc.

We offer cross device (mobile, tablets and desktop) adaptable ad formats including Skins (automated page take over), Billboards, Video ads and more. Learn more!