Dynamic creative

DCO Dynamic Creative for Programmatic

Written by Guy Makmel, in programmatic creative

Sizmek released a new video which is a simple, 5 minute demonstration on how DCO for programmatic creative strategies can be implemented using the Sizmek platform. This is a great piece of collateral that demos the strength of the product. Give us five minutes, and you’ll be a believer.  

HTML5 Native ad slider (with parallax animation)

Written by Richard van den Berg, in HTML5

  This HTML5 formats allows advertisers to promote their products in a native way. Native advertising is an online advertising method in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention by providing content in the context of the user’s experience. Native ad formats match both the form and the function of the user experience in which […]

Smart Versioning – Dynamic creative

Written by Guy Makmel, in Geen categorie

  Smart Versioning (SV) and dynamic creative optimization (DCO) in general, addresses three things that drive performance: It lets you keep your campaigns fresh and timely –you can deliver a fresh message and experience every few weeks, or in real-time to react to events as they happen It lets you keep deeply personalize your creative, […]