Smart Versioning (SV) and dynamic creative optimization (DCO) in general, addresses three things that drive performance:

  1. It lets you keep your campaigns fresh and timely –you can deliver a fresh message and experience every few weeks, or in real-time to react to events as they happen
  2. It lets you keep deeply personalize your creative, whether you’re running an upper funnel prospecting campaign and want to deliver different messaging to your different audience segments, or geo-locations, to running a lower-funnel retargeting campaign, where personalization can happen at the product, or category level. Relevance drives performance
  3. It lets you lead with your best creative idea for each audience. Run creative experimentation, and let the automated creative optimization engine ensure that your winning creative concept always comes to the forefront. Get both the learning without sacrificing performance

It does all this in a highly scalable fashion – so that you can get to market quicker than you would versus other competitors – owing to efficiencies gained from our streamlined tool workflow and highly experienced account management team – and it lets you achieve all this in a manner that is highly economical for both media and creative agencies.