Enterprise organization sees massive $9.8MM benefit and 25% conversion rate increase using Datorama

Companies that are integrating all of their marketing data are seeing quantifiable gains. In fact, they’re downright huge. Businesses working with Datorama are experiencing millions of dollars of profit-driven value and double digit increases in campaign conversions and marketing spend savings. In addition, there’s a reallocation of thousands of working hours taken from mind-numbing data preparation tasks and put to use in the production of business-critical, strategic insights.

Learn how we provide this value for one of our customers in this all-new commissioned Forrester Consulting TEI case study. Not only are the numbers real, this is merely the beginning.

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  • How they’re driving >$9.8MM in benefits over three years
  • About campaign conversions that have climbed 25%
  • The result of integrating more than 150 data sources and bringing together 80 stakeholders — including the CMO — to execute the vision of data-driven marketing

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