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Data sources loaded in Datorama 2016

Written by Guy Makmel, in Geen categorie

Below image shows a huge amount of data sources currently going into the Datorama platform. The list expands every day. From silo analytics to one unified Dashboard   If you want to know if we can manage your data  please contact us!  

Introducing MDX NXT Video

Written by Guy Makmel, in Geen categorie

Multi-Touch Attribution and soccer

Written by Richard Tan, in Geen categorie

  What does soccer have to do with conversion attribution ? We were looking for a simple example to  explain Multi-Touch attribution. To whom would you assign all the credits to the following goals? To the person who makes the goal (last click / impressions) or the person that gives the assists (ad views and […]

Smart Versioning – Dynamic creative

Written by Guy Makmel, in Geen categorie

  Smart Versioning (SV) and dynamic creative optimization (DCO) in general, addresses three things that drive performance: It lets you keep your campaigns fresh and timely –you can deliver a fresh message and experience every few weeks, or in real-time to react to events as they happen It lets you keep deeply personalize your creative, […]