Sizmek and Rocket Fuel

Written by Guy Makmel, in corporate

This week, Sizmek and Rocket Fuel came together, to create the industry’s largest independent buy-side platform. We’re excited about the possibilities for you – including the unparalleled ability to maximize your campaign performance. Our teams are already hard at work to merge our businesses and to begin delivering new value to our customers like you. […]

What can you do against fraud?

Written by Richard van den Berg, in Analytics Reporting, corporate, MDX Platform, RTB

Fraud is something that has always been linked to online advertisement, and all companies in the business want to do something about. AdExchanger made a series of interviews about this subject with different ad vendors, and in the latest and final edition they asked our VP of product strategy how Sizmek deals with this phenomenon. You […]

Mediamind rebrands to Sizmek and starts Open Ad Stack Initiative

Written by Richard van den Berg, in corporate, MDX Platform, MediaMind Platform

  As you probably seen in the media or in your mailbox Mediamind recently rebranded to Sizmek (pronounced as Size Mec). We also started the Open Ad Stack Initiative. The Open Ad stack initiaive is a mission to find and integrate with other like-minded tech companies that share a common goal: to enable broader options […]