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Ask Datorama anything

Written by Guy Makmel, in Analytics Reporting, Datorama platform

Imagine if all you needed to analyze your marketing data was a question. We built Datorama to take the pain out of data integration and analysis, by providing a single source of truth to help you understand and act on your total marketing performance. In the continuation of that mission, we’re introducing a new feature […]

Being seen: Reducing the risks around viewability

Written by Richard van den Berg, in Analytics Reporting, External articles, Viewability

Viewability is a very helpful tool for marketeers to determine where your ads are being served and maybe even more important; where they aren’t being served. But is can also scare people into ill-informed decisions. The following article discusses this topic and gives some great advice on how to use viewability data to actually optimize your media.

Youtube video in your Sizmek ads

Written by Richard van den Berg, in Analytics Reporting, MDX Platform

We are happy to announce our new HTML5 Youtube Ad Feature. You are now able to easily include Youtube hosted video’s in your rich media creatives, and still be able to measure all video events in Sizmek. Metrics like play, pause, quartiles and unmute will give you great insight in your ad performance. All Youtube […]

Sizmek Advanced Attribution launched

Written by Richard van den Berg, in Analytics Reporting, Attribution, MDX Platform

Attribution has long been a sticky subject for marketers. In order to understand the bigger picture and the relative role that each channel plays in driving awareness and sales, marketers need much more than a “last touch”’ attribution model, which is neither accurate nor effective. We’re excited to announce the launch of Sizmek Advanced Attribution, […]

What can you do against fraud?

Written by Richard van den Berg, in Analytics Reporting, corporate, MDX Platform, RTB

Fraud is something that has always been linked to online advertisement, and all companies in the business want to do something about. AdExchanger made a series of interviews about this subject with different ad vendors, and in the latest and final edition they asked our VP of product strategy how Sizmek deals with this phenomenon. You […]

19% backup images instead of HTML5

Written by Richard van den Berg, in Analytics Reporting, HTML5, MDX Platform, mobile advertising, Mobile Rich Media

Recently Sizmek did a case study together with a global media agency in regards to clients using HTML5 backup ads instead of standard images. The result was that 19% of all flash impressions show standard backup images.

MediaMind Analytics: Data daily reporting set to unlimited

Written by Richard Tan, in Analytics Reporting

  Previously the agencies can collect data up to 45 days back when running a report on daily level within MediaMind Analytics. We are happy to announce that from now on the daily data is set to unlimited. This means that the agencies can run their reports on daily level unlimitedly. For example if a […]

Conversion attribution model – Why last click doesn’t work

Written by Richard van den Berg, in Analytics Reporting, External articles

Last click as conversion attribution model has been around for a long time. Maybe for too long! The principle that the last click gets al the credit is outdated, especially with the ever growing online environment of today. Something MediaMind found out a long time ago. Read this interesting article on and find out […]