Visual Analytics – Easy to use, robust and flexible

Written by Richard Tan, in Analytics Reporting


Proudly we would like to introduce our new Visual Analytics Suite !Visual Analytics makes it possible to make use of your reporting in a easy and intuitive way. You can start using Visual Analytics today by going to the top of the platform screen and toggling the campaign mode to “New Analytics – Beta!”

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Mobile Rich Media: Ministerie van Defensie – De VEVA-Opleidingen

Written by Richard Tan, in Mobile Rich Media


Publisher: Nakko Media
Creative Agency: Maximum NL
Adformat: Mobile Expandable banner incl video
Campagne: Ministerie van Defensie – De VEVA Opleidingen

Multi-Touch Attribution and soccer

Written by Richard Tan, in Geen categorie


What does soccer have to do with conversion attribution ? We were looking for a simple example to  explain Multi-Touch attribution. To whom would you assign all the credits to the following goals? To the person who makes the goal (last click / impressions) or the person that gives the assists (ad views and clicks leading up to purchase)?

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Mobile Rich Media tool for creative agencies

Written by Richard Tan, in Mobile Rich Media

Together MediaMind and Celtra offer a solution for Mobile Rich Media. Thanks to our strategic partnership we can offer a plug and play tool for creative agencies where they can develop rich media banners for smartphones and tablets with minimal knowledge of HTML5 or Javascript.

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Mobile Rich Media on Facebook

Written by Richard Tan, in Mobile Rich Media


In collaboration with MEC, we have set up the first Mobile Rich Media campaign in the Netherlands on Facebook.

We have used Mobile Social Media as a gateway in addition to gather fans, where we want to give the target group a relevant experience on assigning more test drives. Instead of bringing the target audience to the content, we bring the content to the visitor.

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Versatag – A dynamic solution for site tag management !

Written by Richard Tan, in Site tag management

Are you looking for a dynamic solution to manage your tags on your site ? Why make use of Tagman, Telium or Brighttag where MediaMind has it fully integrated into its platform. Contact us for more info!


Demo: Activistion Destiny – Billboard including wallpaper on IGN

Written by Richard Tan, in Rich Media Demo's

Interactive Billboard/HPTO – XS4ALL

Written by Richard Tan, in Rich Media Demo's


  • Agency: Mindshare Netherlands
  • Creative Agency: Bone NL
  • Advertiser: XS4ALL
  • Campaign: XS4ALL Moviematch
  • Format: Takeover