Interesting read: 50 best practices for online video

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50 best practices

Last week eMarketer published this great white paper with 50 best practices that help you optimize your online video.

Digital video advertising will make up nearly 12% of all digital ad spending in the US this year and is projected to grow significantly faster than search or overall display advertising for the next several years. Even though digital video advertising is in some ways well established, it is still new to many marketers and is still evolving for the experienced ones. Read more

Cookies on mobile devices

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Mobile advertising is today essential for brands and advertisers to reach their audience. Millions of people are using their smartphones and tablets every day. Unfortunately, there are still many unknowns about the use and optimization of cookies for mobile advertising.

We found this amazing IAB whitepaper which explains everything . In this paper, the limitations and the use of mobile advertising is explained in detail.

Are your ads always in the right context?

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Screenshot 2014-04-14 14.16.30

Contextual ads can be tricky sometimes. Even offline where technology is not to blame mistakes are made. See here some incredible advertising that fails big time.


Mediamind rebrands to Sizmek and starts Open Ad Stack Initiative

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As you probably seen in the media or in your mailbox Mediamind recently rebranded to Sizmek (pronounced as Size Mec). We also started the Open Ad Stack Initiative.

The Open Ad stack initiaive is a mission to find and integrate with other like-minded tech companies that share a common goal: to enable broader options for marketing execution without limiting the benefits of centralized control and deployment. We understand that no single entity can be the end-all be-all, tech solution for all desirable actions in digital marketing.

Facebook Rich Media ads and social connect by Mediamind

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We often get the question if we support ads on Facebook. To answer this question lets first look at the different media buying possibilities on Facebook. Facebook offers two channels to buy media: Marketplace ads ( e.g, Ads and Sponsored Stories..) and Facebook Exchange ads (FBX).

  1. Marketplace ads are most of the time purchased on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis.
  2. FBX works like traditional ad exchanges as you buy ads in a dynamic CPM (dCPM) auction with real-time bidding.

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HTML5 Native ad slider (with parallax animation)

Written by Richard van den Berg, in HTML5


This HTML5 formats allows advertisers to promote their products in a native way. Native advertising is an online advertising method in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention by providing content in the context of the user’s experience. Native ad formats match both the form and the function of the user experience in which it is placed. The advertiser’s intent is to make the paid advertising feel less intrusive and thus increase the likelihood users will click on it.

Click here to see the native ad slider in action

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Rich Media via programmatic buying (RTB)

Written by Richard van den Berg, in MediaMind Platform, RTB


The last view years we’ve seen a big shift of display dollars going from traditional media buying to exchanges. Most campaigns though were performance driven with basic creatives. One of the reasons that branding campaigns are not execute via programmatic buying is the lack of creative possibilities. Now that the industry is more mature its time to enable Rich Media and Video for desktop and mobile via programmatic channels.

The big DSP/SSP platforms out there like AppNexus, MediaMath, Turn and so on started to support a variety of valuable rich media ad formats on desktop and mobile devices. While Support means that they serve Rich Media tags the real execution happens on ad management systems like MediaMind. MediaMind hosts and serves the actual Rich Media creatives. And of course lets not forget analytics as there more metrics available for rich media ad units.

If you are an agency or publisher that is already connected to ad exchanges (DSP/SSP) and wants to expand your programmatic buying with Rich Media ads please contact us.

See how it works and download the PDF.

Rich Media on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

Written by Richard Tan, in HTML5, MediaMind Platform, Republic Project, Rich Media Demo's

Want to run Rich Media on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks? We would like to introduce Republic Project, a platform that represents the next step in rich media brand exposure across social, mobile/tablet and desktop. It allows you to spread interactive rich media posts via paid and earned media across Facebook (timeline), Twitter and other social networks.

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