Youtube video in your Sizmek ads

Written by Richard van den Berg, in Analytics Reporting, MDX Platform


We are happy to announce our new HTML5 Youtube Ad Feature. You are now able to easily include Youtube hosted video’s in your rich media creatives, and still be able to measure all video events in Sizmek.

Metrics like play, pause, quartiles and unmute will give you great insight in your ad performance. All Youtube video paramaters are supported and the video player is fully customizable so it will look great in your ad.

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Sizmek adoption of IAB standard for HTML5 file size counting

Written by Richard Tan, in HTML5, mobile advertising

Why is it more important than ever to really look at banner weights?

Campaigns are being deployed cross device more and more. Due to the shift from desktop traffic to tablet and mobile more and more publishers are putting limits on the total weight that can be loaded on their network to protect the mobile data use of its users and to minimise the total effect on the loading times of websites.

Due to this change we have compiled a document with suggestions on how to optimize the weight and performance of the banners.

Please refer to the downloads below for more information:

Download it here:
English | Dutch

Starting the 1st of February Sizmek would adhere to the IAB HTML5 guidelines. Please find below the official notification.

Sizmek adoption of IAB standard for HTML5 file size counting

Full Animated Background Takeover

Written by Guy Makmel, in Rich Media Demo's

H&M Video Billboard Pushdown

Written by Guy Makmel, in HTML5


Conversions over clicks: How mobile app developers can drive results for advertisers

Written by Richard Tan, in Conversions, mobile advertising


In the past clicks was the metric that helps determine the success of your display campaigns. With the rise of mobile and in-app advertising this is no longer the case. Not just clicks but the actual conversions are driving real results and the success of your campaigns.

To find out more regarding this topic, please read the following article here

Introducing autoplay video for mobile

Written by Richard Tan, in HTML5, mobile advertising, Mobile Video


Video is a must when it comes to digital advertising.  However, device manufacturers are limiting your creative options on mobile by keeping videos from automatically playing…but that’s where we come in. After all, you should be able to choose whether your video ads autoplay or not.

Introducing autoplay video for mobile, the new ad feature that empowers you to choose what’s best for your mobile campaigns. Sizmek Ad Builder for HTML5 allows you to create soundless animation that begins on ad load.  Now you can decide if you want video in your ads to start automatically on mobile, as opposed to letting hardware makers determine it for you. 

Read more about Sizmek’s autoplay functionality here

Chrome action makes move to HTML5 critical!

Written by Guy Makmel, in Flash, HTML5



The relationship between web browser and web page has always been tumultuous. Language and protocol standards smooth over some of the roughest areas, but the brains of web developers are still crammed full with obscure rules, exceptions to those rules, and lost causes to avoid entirely. Yet even among the agitation, the basic principles of the relationship have always been clear – it’s the browser’s responsibility to make the act of browsing fade into the background, and it’s the duty of the web page to entertain, educate, and work on the user’s behalf.

With its announcement that Chrome will “intelligently pause” Flash content to preserve battery life, Google seems to have stepped over this traditional line, asserting control over page content. This new level of control is significant. Learn more!

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Magazine: Marketing dashboards and data management

Written by Guy Makmel, in Marketing data management


We published a Flipboard magazine where we share articles about big data, marketing data management and interactive dashboards. Learn more!