Sizmek HTML5 Authoring tool

Written by Guy Makmel, in HTML5

The Datorama Digest

Written by Richard van den Berg, in Datorama platform

In an effort to keep you updated with interesting marketing news, upcoming educational programs, customer stories, successes, and advice, we’ve launched The Datorama Digest.

To stay updated about the above; but also on new Datorama product features, tips and tricks, and new ways to get value from Datorama keep an eye on our blog, or contact us to receive the digist every month in your inbox.

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Ask Datorama anything

Written by Guy Makmel, in Analytics Reporting, Datorama platform

Imagine if all you needed to analyze your marketing data was a question.

We built Datorama to take the pain out of data integration and analysis, by providing a single source of truth to help you understand and act on your total marketing performance. In the continuation of that mission, we’re introducing a new feature “Ask Datorama Anything” — an integration with the Alexa app, Amazon’s intelligent voice service. Now you can ask all your questions, whenever and wherever you have them. For the first time you can engage with your marketing analytics data directly through Alexa-powered smart devices, such as Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

For example:

Q: “Ask Datorama: What’s my top performing campaign by clicks in the last week?”

A: “Your top performing campaign is ‘Holiday Free Shipping’ with 8,000 clicks.”

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Data sources loaded in Datorama 2016

Written by Guy Makmel, in Geen categorie

Below image shows a huge amount of data sources currently going into the Datorama platform. The list expands every day. From silo analytics to one unified Dashboard   If you want to know if we can manage your data  please contact us!



DCO Dynamic Creative for Programmatic

Written by Guy Makmel, in programmatic creative

Sizmek released a new video which is a simple, 5 minute demonstration on how DCO for programmatic creative strategies can be implemented using the Sizmek platform. This is a great piece of collateral that demos the strength of the product. Give us five minutes, and you’ll be a believer.


Forrester TEI: Measuring the Benefits of Datorama

Written by Guy Makmel, in Datorama platform

Enterprise organization sees massive $9.8MM benefit and 25% conversion rate increase using Datorama

Companies that are integrating all of their marketing data are seeing quantifiable gains. In fact, they’re downright huge. Businesses working with Datorama are experiencing millions of dollars of profit-driven value and double digit increases in campaign conversions and marketing spend savings. In addition, there’s a reallocation of thousands of working hours taken from mind-numbing data preparation tasks and put to use in the production of business-critical, strategic insights.

Learn how we provide this value for one of our customers in this all-new commissioned Forrester Consulting TEI case study. Not only are the numbers real, this is merely the beginning.

Get this complimentary study to learn:

  • How they’re driving >$9.8MM in benefits over three years
  • About campaign conversions that have climbed 25%
  • The result of integrating more than 150 data sources and bringing together 80 stakeholders — including the CMO — to execute the vision of data-driven marketing

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Sizmek improved HTML5 Ad Builder

Written by Guy Makmel, in HTML5


Sizmek improved HTML5 Ad Builder

Experience new functionality, an improved interface, and 20 rich media templates to help you bring fresh creative to your programmatic campaigns. You’ll notice the change right away thanks to a luxe new color scheme.

Contact us to learn more about the platform and features!

Gartner Names Datorama a 2016 Cool Vendor

Written by Richard van den Berg, in Datorama platform, Marketing data management


Every year, Gartner recognizes a select number of Cool Vendors in key technology areas through a series of research reports that highlight their innovative approaches to solving persistent customer challenges. For marketing technologies Datorama was included as a cool vendor!

Want to know why Datorama is cool? Read the report here or contact us.