Datorama introduction in 9 minutes

Written by Richard Tan, in Datorama platform

Predictive Markting by Rocket Fuel

Written by Guy Makmel, in Geen categorie

Focus on the person not the device


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Rocket Fuel with IBM Watson – Powering the Future with AI to AI

Written by Richard Tan, in Rocket Fuel

Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is transforming almost every industry on the planet. From cars to healthcare to marketing, AI mimics the cognitive way our brains work by learning and problem solving.

For almost 10 years, AI has been at the core of Rocket Fuel, and as with any AI, the longer it has to learn, the smarter it becomes. Our AI learns and understands how people interact with brands, allowing us to predict the right moments of influence to target them with relevant ads and marketing content. But this is just the beginning.

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10 Digital Marketers on Top Talking Points from Dmexco 2017

Written by Richard Tan, in External articles

David Gosen, GM EMEA at Sizmek: “Facebook’s new brand safety features continue to be one of the bigger stories to come out of dmexco and reaffirmed just how imperative ad placement is. This is not an issue that’s going to go away, and we’re certain to see other tech companies making a media splash for all the wrong reasons before the problem is solved.

“For too long, the industry has sat on its laurels and focused on trying to win back consumers following brand safety breaches, rather than avoiding them in the first place. But brand safety needs to be about prevention, not cure.

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IBM optimizes its performance at scale with Datorama

Written by Richard Tan, in Datorama platform

An industry giant, IBM is a Fortune 100 company with vast amounts of data scaled across a diverse marketing and analytics organization.  Read more

Blockchain – Knowing your Consumer

Written by Richard Tan, in Adtech

Sizmek and Rocket Fuel

Written by Guy Makmel, in corporate

This week, Sizmek and Rocket Fuel came together, to create the industry’s largest independent buy-side platform. We’re excited about the possibilities for you – including the unparalleled ability to maximize your campaign performance. Our teams are already hard at work to merge our businesses and to begin delivering new value to our customers like you.

Crowned by Adweek as the new “formidable ad tech force,” This union combines Sizmek’s strength in data enablement and creative optimization across your entire media plan with Rocket Fuel’s AI-enabled predictive decisioning and media execution technologies. Soon, you will have access to a more integrated, full-funnel solution that addresses key performance objectives encompassing the entire media lifecycle and across the entire customer journey.

How advertisers can fight fake news instead of funding it

Written by Richard Tan, in online advertising

“Facebook has a moral duty to prioritise veracity over virality,” according to Jon Snow.

The Channel Four news anchor took aim at the social network’s unwillingness to tackle the problem of fake news during a speech at the Edinburgh TV festival last week.  Read more