Puzzle Ad 320×240

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The 320×240 Puzzle Ad is a popular high impact ad format which is compatible with multiple publishers and is easy to create. Just replace the main image and the logo. There is no need to edit the code.

Preview on mobile:

Upload instructions:

After you build your ad you need to create a zip file of the complete package.

How to upload:

  • Login into our platform.
  • Navigate at the left to “creative assets”


  • Upload the zip file in your desired folder. The platform will automatically create a workspace.
  • Navigate to ads in the left navigation menu


  • Click Create New ad and select HTML5 Polite Banner adformat


  • Select the workspace and the backup file in the Creative Asset folder tree by click in the “select” button.

After saving the ad make sure you add the custom script which you can find on this template page.