Billboard + Video Reminder

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The billboard + video reminder is an ad format which reacts on scroll. When a user scrolls down and the billboard + video is visible for only 50%, the video will continue to play in the bottom right corner of your screen. The video reminder includes a close button and when the user scrolls back up, the video reminder will close and the video will continue to play within the billboard.

You can find a preview of the billboard + video reminder here

Banner Specifications
Ad Format: HTML5 Expandable Banner
Ad Dimensions: 970x250
Max Ad Size: 10 MB
Default Image: 70 KB
Video Extension: MP4
Video Resolution: 640x360 px
Billboard + Video Reminder
The following script needs to be included in the MediaMind platform ad configuration window. Ad Settings > Setup > Advanced Features > Custom JS

Upload instructions:

After you build your ad you need to create a zip file of the complete package.

How to upload:

  • Login into our platform.
  • Navigate at the left to “creative assets”


  • Upload the zip file in your desired folder. The platform will automatically create a workspace.
  • Navigate to ads in the left navigation menu


  • Click Create New ad and select HTML5 Expandable Banner Ad Format
    expandable banner


  • Select the workspace and the backup file in the Creative Asset folder tree by clicking on the “select” button.
    workspace select


  • Scroll down to the Panel List and  add the HTML assets from the workspace folder named “panels”.Make sure you change the panel settings like in the screenshot below.

Click to enlarge the image


  • Click save and make sure you add the custom script which you can find on the specs tab above.