October 2016

Forrester TEI: Measuring the Benefits of Datorama

Written by Guy Makmel, in Datorama platform

Enterprise organization sees massive $9.8MM benefit and 25% conversion rate increase using Datorama Companies that are integrating all of their marketing data are seeing quantifiable gains. In fact, they’re downright huge. Businesses working with Datorama are experiencing millions of dollars of profit-driven value and double digit increases in campaign conversions and marketing spend savings. In […]

Sizmek improved HTML5 Ad Builder

Written by Guy Makmel, in HTML5

Sizmek improved HTML5 Ad Builder Experience new functionality, an improved interface, and 20 rich media templates to help you bring fresh creative to your programmatic campaigns. You’ll notice the change right away thanks to a luxe new color scheme. Contact us to learn more about the platform and features!