October 2013

Ad block: Mac OS X Mavericks in combination with Safari browser

Written by Richard Tan, in online advertising

As a result of the new release of Mac OS X and Safari browser, third party ad’s are being blocked for flash and HTML5 banners. MediaMind is looking for a solution together with Adobe. See the official statement below: Flash is currently a sandboxed plugin in OS X Mavericks, according to an Adobe blog post. […]

Why agencies prefer MediaMind over DFA for Rich Media

Written by Richard Tan, in online advertising

Sometimes we get questions from agencies that require to use DFA as their ad server, and if it’s possible to use MediaMind for their rich media & HTML5 (mobile) ads. The short answer is YES. It is possible to use MediaMind for your rich media and track with DFA tracking pixels.

The Evolution of Online Display Advertising

Written by Guy Makmel, in online advertising

An IAB video to explain the evolution of display trading in 2012. The display ecosystem has developed from direct buying and selling into an increasingly complex environment with data now powering real time bidding and selling. This video aims to demystify the display landscape in 3 minutes!