David Gosen, GM EMEA at Sizmek: “Facebook’s new brand safety features continue to be one of the bigger stories to come out of dmexco and reaffirmed just how imperative ad placement is. This is not an issue that’s going to go away, and we’re certain to see other tech companies making a media splash for all the wrong reasons before the problem is solved.

“For too long, the industry has sat on its laurels and focused on trying to win back consumers following brand safety breaches, rather than avoiding them in the first place. But brand safety needs to be about prevention, not cure.

Facebook’s launch of pre-campaign reporting sounds positive, but too many others in the industry still rely on outdated techniques such as keyword targeting, which leave brands open to serving ads against the wrong content.

“Instead the focus needs to be on practices such as pre-bidding and semantic targeting that enable brands to build a strong, positive image with no risk of appearing against irrelevant or damaging content. During my session with IBM, I explained the role artificial intelligence [AI] plays in identifying the sentiment of online news stories. Technology is now able to vet hundreds of thousands of online stories every seven minutes – an impossible task before the advent of AI – to ensure brand owners that their authentic messaging is seen and safe and resonates with the right audience.

The bottom line is that brands can no longer afford to risk working with partners that can’t guarantee their safety. So if there was ever a time to get your ad targeting in order, it’s now.”

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Source: PerformanceIN